Electronic Passport of Afghanistan

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Electronic Passport of Afghanistan

Passport is a government valuable document that enables citizens to travel across the globe and which certifies the nationality and identity of its holder abroad.

Passport Process Description:
The passport directorate receives more than 2500 applications daily, the directorate locates in Kart-e-Char. Demand for passports is very high and gradually increasing each day, as a result, directorate is being overcrowded. Asan Khedmat, in its efforts, simplified the business process and has brought many physical changes within the directorate. Now applicant can receive the passport in a short period of time. These changes include the establishment of front disks with biometric and data entry facilities.
In order to acquire a passport an applicant needs to provide application, verified NID and three passport size photographs, after which the applicant is provided with the fee payment slip. Once the fee is paid to the bank, the applicant must go through BIV, biometric, and data entry processes. In the end, the applicant is given a slip with the date of receiving the passport and other information regarding his/her passport.


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