About Us

Afghanistan is a developing country, and it needs its people to boost the economy by supporting domestic productions and change the country’s economic balance from dominant import to self-sufficiency. We (the people of Afghanistan) have understood this very well, and we are trying hard and hard to realizing this. Hope to our economic self-sufficiency (Where there is a will there is a way).

Hamee ” is a Nonprofit Organization that established in 2017 to achieve these goals.

What We do?

  • Create and Publish the 1st Economic Directory of Afghanistan
  • Introduce and Support of Afghanistan’s Products & Services to the world and Afghanistan Peoples
  • The Organizer of National Exhibitions of Domestic Products & Services of Afghanistan

Who We Are?

  • Shah Muhammad Ahmadi – Founder
  • Muhammad Edriss Ahmadi – CEO
  • Abdul Rahman Mansoor – Financial Sponsor
  • Sayed Karim Wardak – Financial Sponsor
  • Esmatullah Arifi – Financial Sponsor